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Maeda Ami G+ 2014/09/17

I’m nervous~~!
But I’m looking forward to it ♡♡

when I’ll go to sleep we’ll already know the result

I’m still putting make-up on!
Now I’ll do a last check and prepare various things!


I lost with dishonesty~~~~!!!! Σ(´▽`ノ)ノ!!
Can these things even happen ヽ(;▽;)ノ lol

恥ずかしい…悔しい…(´・д・`)(._. )( ・_・)(・_・ )( ・_・)アレ?
I’m really sorry for all the one who supported me 
It was embarrassing… and frustrating… 
(´・д・`)(._. )( ・_・)(・_・ )( ・_・) what?
Anything I’ll say it’ll seem an excuse so I just think I’ll do my best the next time 
But I think I’m left in everyone’s heart in that place, everyone laughed and I’m satisfied with this 
(pq・v・)♪♪ lol ←
My outfit this time is Majo 
♡ [Majo no takkyuubin]


Maeda Ami Blog 2014/09/17

The Janken Taikai is over~~~~!!

I did it… because of an irregularity I lost~~~!!!
Though I wond the first round ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I thought “I can do it!” but in the end I couldn’t do it~~ 

I was nervous, I mess up with my strength.

In the past I advanced more, I was the member who won the most, I had a high percentage of winning…
Though everyone had expectations about me…
I’m full of embarrassment and frustration ヽ(;▽;)ノ 

I didn’t do it on purpose.
I decided, but maybe in that moment I was not sure?? 

Anything I’ll say it’ll seem an excuse… so I don’t say anything here… lol
I said it on the stage. lol 

If the Janken Taikai will be held again I’ll do my best (pq・v・)+°(pq・v・)+°(pq・v・)+°
If you’ll support me on that time I’ll be happy!! 

I won’t do an irregularity again!!! lol
I don’t want do it!!! 

But I feel like this Janken Taikai was the one I enjoyed the most (´>∀<`)!!
I left an impression in your heart and it even became a news! Σ(´▽`ノ)ノ lol
I was happy everyone noticed me! (positive. lol) 

The outfit this time is Majo!!!
I always wanted to do it~ ヾ(●’`●)ノ 
Does it suit me??
I want to resemble Majo no takkyuubin (p・・q)(p・・q) *acting cute* ♪ lol
I like her and since I cut my hair I can become her~~~?
I like the Janken Taikai because we can appeal with our outfits, everytime there are various cosplays!!

They say I have a “character face” so I always do character cosplay. lol
Before of that… I have to do some adjustments for the next Janken Taikai Σ(´▽`ノ)ノ lol 

Aamin *・v・